Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh no.. No Netflix, Instagram, or Pintrest?!!

Last night anyone who has an internet connection or an iPhone (or thank goodness any smartphone for Instagram now) was thrown into the dark ages within moments as a storm left everyone without their favorite social networking sites! Instead of looking at stuff that I could be making I actually got to spend a fun evening DOING! muwahaha! Tonight was a craft night of epic proportions! Spent the better part of the day procuring glass candle holders, bowls, plates, mugs and anything that can be used as eccentric serving items for our Mad Party candy table! After a hearty meal my Fiancee started painting the assorted glassware and I started finishing up my Broom Stick Dog!

We are going to adhere some of the plates to the candle holder bases and use them as candy bowls.. should be interesting! We are going to get as crazy as the glue allows! 

Had to sneak in a picture of my art supply cabinet I made almost three years ago now! It's for scale.. I swear!! My coffee table coffin is still left unfinished and is the second place we are beginning to store art supplies.. Our house is being over run by paint, glass ware, and Plywood cutouts that are WAAAAAY too big!! I'm looking at hopefully getting some reindeer motors, so some of the props that I intentionally made in separate pieces have some movement! 

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