Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Magic Mirror on the wall...

I'm so thankful that when I have extra money I go nuts and by surplus parts! I forgot I had ordered an extra servo/guts for my talking skeletons and I happened to find it while looking for paint in my coffin supply cabinet. It got me wondering if I could make the Magic Mirror out of wood and use the servo to make the mouth go up and down just like the skulls! I still need some fine tuning, but it works! I want to build a full size stand up mirror that is designed like the Disney mirror complete with two way glass, so it will show a normal reflection and light up showing the mask underneath when I want it to! I am even thinking of using a wiper motor to rock the head from side to side to give it some added depth! We shall see!

Finally finished up the old hag as well! I started playing with some lighting and placement of some of the props I've already made. I really want to nail the dungeon labratory scene on my porch, so hopefully I can enclose it to control the lighting! If I have extra time/money I am going to re cut the Hag out, so her arm can pivot up and down while dipping the apple into the cauldron I've already made!