Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wonderland Expedition

Having admired and enjoyed Alex CF's cryptozoological specimens, I was elated to find an Alice in Wonderland Prop that a fan (absinthetic) of his work had made. My girlfriend loves Alice in Wonderland and I had just finished making my Vampire Killing Kit, so I figured I could use some of the knowledge I'd gathered on previous projects to make her an amazing gift!

I wanted to combine a handmade box and an Alice in Wonderland theme to house all the trophies that had been recovered from an expedition there, so I started thinking about what I liked from Alice in Wonderland and I always remember the crazy tile floor right after she fell down the rabbit hole, so I decided to incorporate that into my lid design! I made the box out of Maple, Purple Heart and Jatoba.

Inside the box there was an assortment of artifacts lifted from the pages of Carrol's novel. The contents included a sample of water from the Pool of Tears, Eat Me/Drink Me bottles, a singing sunflower, multiple roses that were in the process of being painted red, a key, and two card specimens: one painter and one guard. 

Here is a video of the box in action! I put a switch in the lid so it would play music when the lid is opened!