Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One.. two.. Freddy's coming for you!

I decided to try my hand at some metal work and fashion a glove based of Freddy's weapon of choice in the Nightmare on Elm street series. Other than crafting a desk lamp from copper and soldering the joints, I haven't cut metal or tried to make anything out of it, so this prop was a learning experience. The template was traced onto a .22 gauge steel sheet and I cut it using aviation snips I happened to have in the garage. I also ordered some rivets that were a bit closer to the screen version, but I didn't want to wait for them to arrive, so I picked up some pop rivets for the joints on this glove.

I definitely need to find a better way to cut the blades because using cut off wheels and a Dremel is not cutting it! I might break down and by down a grinder when I decide to make another one! Here is a video of the articulation of the fingers and the finished glove. I'm happy with it. It doesn't look screen accurate, but I did learn a lot and I look forward to making more items out of metal, brass, or copper. 

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