Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spell Bookshelf

Got a little more finished on my Harry Potter themed bookshelf. I still have to age the entire bookshelf and add some more books, but so far its coming out alright. I also etched my first Harry Potter themed Potion bottle which contains the venom of a Basilisk. I figured the death eater mark would be very fitting on that bottle, so I used that design for the logo portion. Still a long way to go, but so far it's been darn near free! The bookshelf my brother no longer wanted, the books are made from cardboard I scrounged from work, and I have enough empty bottles to almost start a recycling center!


  1. Damn, my family would love this - we're all HUGE Harry Potter geeks!

  2. Hehe, Thanks for the kind words :) Slow going on the Harry Potter stuff due to other projects, but I can't wait to get started again. So much inspiration and ideas from the novels and films.. :)

    Definitely want to source out some cheap movable picture frames and make it look like a live action book cover!