Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.

Here is the finished Doorknob! Still need to touch up my lines a bit, but painting the majority is at least done! The doorknob was a decorative brass knob purchased at Lowes for $7! I was having a hard time getting the craft paint to stick, so I went into my handy art supply coffin and found some Modge Podge! This stuff is awesome.. Almost like the duct tape of the craft world. I did two coats of Modge Podge over the doorknob and painted over it and it worked like a charm! 

I did have some gold metallic paints on hand and they looked neat with the brass knob, but since the real animated character used a more non metallic hue I decided to do the same.. He fits in better with my other props painted this way too! 

I want to make a door for him to rest on, but we will see! Went to the Walt Disney Family Museum yesterday and had an absolute blast. Second time I've been there and I enjoyed it more than the first time. A lot of awesome information on Mr. Disney and some of the methods that were created for his animation and later projects was amazing. No detail left unturned! I recommend a visit to the museum if you are ever in the San Francisco area! Definitely a place to go to recharge the creative batteries.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why it's simply impassible!

Been busy painting all week and conjuring up more ideas! The cheshire cat is about the third one I've painted and was a request for a friends nursery room! This is about the only non wedding project I've been working on, but I didn't need to stray to far from what I've been doing.. haha. I also finished the Dormouse, King of Hearts and started the Talking Doorknob! I made the Dormouse slightly smaller than scale and I may remake him because he is a bit too tiny! The King of Hearts is going top of a podium as seen in the courtroom scene, so you are only going to see half of him, but he also looks a bit too tiny.. I guess I went crazy when I first made the Mad Hatter and the March Hare because they are near five feet tall.. If I make an Alice, or Queen they will have to be taller than the mad tea party inhabitants! 

I also am going to have to sit down and plan on how this is all going to get setup and taken down on our big night because I'm a lunatic when it comes to stuff I've made. The cost of materials hasn't been that bad, but the time it's taken to paint everything is a different story! 

I think I'm going to sit down and make a production sheet for each character, so I can get an overall scope of scale and be over organized and write down what colors I am using for each character in the event that I need to touch them up! I'm still nervous to seal them with a satin clear coat, but I'm going to try and seal some of them Thursday! 

Here is a picture of everything together! Sorry about the quality.. The sun was extremely bright in the background! 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mad as a March Hare!

Just finished my second plywood cutout the March Hare! Going to use these to decorate the hall on our big day, but also for the Bridal Shower! The theme is going to be a Mad Tea Party and that is all I can divulge because my Fiancee is one of a few faithful readers to my blog, haha!

I've been listening to anything Alice related old and new and watching the films over and over and I'm not getting tired of them.. Just keep getting ideas! :) Which may be a bad thing because I've been known to go overboard! Needed something a bit more adventurous to keep me up in the wee hours of the AM to finish the Hare in one sitting! No matter how hard I try I keep finding Disney relations with anything I'm doing.. Wish I lived closer to Disneyland! Can't wait to go! 

I also finished the rest of the Mad Hatters arm and I'm waiting for his motor to come in! I think I need to stop watching the Alice movies because I keep adding to the list of items I need to make! The Walrus and Carpenter did not have a big role, but I'd love to make the Walrus and have his arm animated bringing his cigar to his mouth! 

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mad Hatter Progress!

Here is the progress I made last night painting the Mad Hatter! Still looking at options as far as a motor setup goes for the arm that still needs to be painted! The wiper motor and picoVOLT method I used for my Skeletal Jack Sparrow helmsman works very well, but is a little pricey!

Friday, May 4, 2012

We're all mad here!!


Been working on a lot of wedding projects as of late and still honing some new skills to use towards future projects! My Fiancee and I wanted to make our own save the date cards, so I found a couple of Alice in Wonderland cartoon pages thanks to Google images and after a few hours in Photoshop we had two different designs! We are going to send this out with a picture of us holding onto the clock I made a few months ago! :)

I'm also working on making some plywood cutouts to spruce the hall up a bit! This is the first of hopefully four characters I make! The Mad Hatter is going to have a wiper motor that moves the arm with the Tea Pot up and down! I'm going to start the March Hare next week, but I'm not sure if I'm going to animate him yet. Playing around with doing the Red Queen and possibly the White Rabbit.. Tons of characters to choose from, but it boils down to time and money!

Starting the long painting process here... Painting is my least favorite part, but it needs to get done! I'm already happy with the start of the hat and his hair! Can't wait to finish it to see it all done.. All the colors should make it stand out!

That's my awesome Fiancee.. She was so excited when she came home and found the Mad Hatter.. hehe.. She wanted to stand next to him just to show the scale! 

Been in a crazy Disneyland mood lately.. Can't wait to be there in December. Been watching Alice in Wonderland animated and Tim Burton for the past few nights to paint in theme.. hehe.. Our Winamp playlist consists of music from all around the Park and the awesome "Remember Dreams Come True - 50th year fireworks display," I always get chills hearing how well that track was put together.