Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why it's simply impassible!

Been busy painting all week and conjuring up more ideas! The cheshire cat is about the third one I've painted and was a request for a friends nursery room! This is about the only non wedding project I've been working on, but I didn't need to stray to far from what I've been doing.. haha. I also finished the Dormouse, King of Hearts and started the Talking Doorknob! I made the Dormouse slightly smaller than scale and I may remake him because he is a bit too tiny! The King of Hearts is going top of a podium as seen in the courtroom scene, so you are only going to see half of him, but he also looks a bit too tiny.. I guess I went crazy when I first made the Mad Hatter and the March Hare because they are near five feet tall.. If I make an Alice, or Queen they will have to be taller than the mad tea party inhabitants! 

I also am going to have to sit down and plan on how this is all going to get setup and taken down on our big night because I'm a lunatic when it comes to stuff I've made. The cost of materials hasn't been that bad, but the time it's taken to paint everything is a different story! 

I think I'm going to sit down and make a production sheet for each character, so I can get an overall scope of scale and be over organized and write down what colors I am using for each character in the event that I need to touch them up! I'm still nervous to seal them with a satin clear coat, but I'm going to try and seal some of them Thursday! 

Here is a picture of everything together! Sorry about the quality.. The sun was extremely bright in the background! 


  1. how do u pain them so spot on ???? on such a large scale ?

  2. You can draw them in smaller scale and scan them into the computer and use a program like Adobe Illustrator to enlage the image and scale it out over a ton of pages! Then you can trace it and then it is basically paint by numbers!