Friday, March 23, 2012

Pirates of the Caribbean plaque!

My living room is coming along nicely with the Pirate theme, but I won't be happy until I have a full size jail and burning timbers and while this may never happen, I can still continue to add "smaller" details! This project is based of the facade sign outside the entrance to Pirates of the Caribbean! What started out as me wanting to make a small sign turned into a 2ft tall by 4ft wide colossal sign! It's made out of 1/2 inch MDF board which I wanted to try out because cutting shapes out of plywood always leaves a lot of work to fill in with wood putty to fill the voids! MDF is crazy heavy and while not as strong as plywood it cut amazingly smooth and for objects I am going to be painting and not showing the natural wood grain it is going to work extremely well.

I am going to hang it above the TV! 

Here is what my living room looked like six months ago 

Can't wait to finish the sign and get it on the wall! I found some plans to make a bookcase shaped like a rowboat, so I may have to make that and a side table where the legs are shaped like oars.. Pirate over kill possibly, but I'm loving it! :) I have some indoor adjustable spotlights that I have to get setup next! Need to look at X-10 (not sure if that is correct, but it's a home automation switch) because I want to connect everything up to one power plug to go on and off with a switch that isn't located on the same outlet. Getting tired of crawling behind Capt. Jack to plug everything in! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Alice Decor, Haunted Mansion skulls and broom mischief!

Here are some more signs I've been making to decorate our venue come this December! I saw images on Pintrest of each of these and I decided to make cutouts of wood and painted using acrylic craft paint!

The club is already painted, but oddly enough I don't have a picture of it, but it reads.. Off with her head! I still have a lot planned and the months are flying off the calendar, so I need to kick it in high gear! 

My nights are often filled with sitting around the TV and working on various projects which has been awesome since my Fiancee is also working on her projects! We brew a pot of coffee and see how much we can get done! She has been doing awesome selling her bows on facebook and etsy, so I've been making some stuff to pad our wedding fund!

I had a night of awesome movies.. The original Star Wars trilogy to be precise and I finished some stuff I have been working on! I've made about five coffin jewelry boxes for her to sell and I've also made about thirteen wood skull cutouts a la Haunted Mansion in December! I was going to use these as centerpieces on garland and or wreathes as Disney does and I've gotten some good feedback, so I decided to make a batch! :)

Instagram is a neat little app where I usually upload pictures of my latest projects and it has also led to some interesting discoveries! Instead of tweeting you upload a picture to tell your story and one night last week there was a viral discovery of brooms standing up on their own due to the planets all being aligned, so here is a view of our kitchen and brooms!

I didn't believe in the planetary alignment scenario for a moment, so I started contemplating it up to other options and I figured Harry Potter may have touched the world more than we realize since all brooms now seem to be magical and will stand on their own, but after searching for fishing wire hooked to the ceilings or the brooms being hot glued to the floor and not finding anything.. I was about to chalk it up pure hocus pocus until I spotted the culprit!

I think Walt was on to something! Now if only I could get them to dance and clean on their own too!!