Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Snow White Haunt Facade Sign

Staring at my Alice in Wonderland wall, I had a crazy idea after gazing upon the restroom sign I made from foam that I could also re create the Snow White Scary Adventures sign. Ha. Not as easy as I thought. I wanted to protect the foam a bit better because if it is dropped it would get damaged, so I had the bright idea of bending wood around the frame to protect the foam. 1,000 kerf cuts and countless broken pieces I at least had wood bent around the curves. I should have spent more time dialing in the initial cutout until it was at least somewhat uniform because I spend a long time trying to fix it as I went because I was WAY off! The corner on the left side is no where near the shape I wanted, but oh well. Next time I won't be in a hurry to get jump in! It still looks nice, but after all the work I put in it I wish I had taken 30 minutes longer to map it out a bit better! Live and learn! The foamcoat I used to put a protective layer on the pink foam I used to paint the entire project with. That covered a lot of my mistakes, so it could have been worse! Haha!

You can see that the left side is no where near the radius of the right! I should have fixed that first. Next time I will use a compass instead of eyeballing it figuring I could fix it later. Not the case!!

This is going to hand above the staircase to my front door! I hopefully will enclose the entire porch recreating the scene with the witch dipping the apple into a cauldron! I want the outside of the house to somewhat resemble the facade. We will see!! I still need to paint the letters black and age it a bit, but I'm happy with it now. I used Foam Coat to protect the foam and I ended up painting the entire thing with the foam coat. It hardens almost like plaster. It also hid a lot of flaws! 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Poison Apples!

Since I always want to go all out on Halloween and I don't have as much free coin laying around these days, I decided to make some poison apples to fund my haunt this year! Since I am doing a Snow White theme I figured maybe people would enjoy having their very own poison apple! My wife is going to post some of them on her Etsy account for anyone who wishes to buy one! I'm going to keep making them until they no longer sell! I want to get a head start this year because due to our awesome wedding last year Halloween was almost non existent! I'm going to get a plan of action going this year and try to stick to a deadline much like we did for our wedding! Seemed to keep me a lot more organized! The apples are cut out of plywood and painted and then painted again with glow in the dark paint! They react really well with a black light, but still faintly glow without it! Hoping to sell enough to see all my props come to fruition! Haha, couldn't help myself! 

Beauty and the Beast

Whew! Been so busy!

Just got back from a Disneyland trip! Made it out for Dapper Day which was fantastic! It was so fun to dress up at the park! Such a great atmosphere! Riding the carousel at 7pm with all the other fantastically dressed attendees was utterly amazing!! Couldn't have asked for a better trip! Met so many friends that have now become family!

Coming home I already had a busy schedule lined up, but Angels on Stage gave me something to look forward to! It was fantastic! Their presentation of Beauty and the Beast bloew me away! The actors/actresses were wonderful and all the behind the scenes volunteer action blew me away! From the costumes, sets, and interaction with anyone it was an evening I won't forget anytime soon!

It was so neat seeing the chair I donated to them in the play as well. I'm honored to have been able to make something for such a worthy cause! Definitely going to be going to more Angels on Stage plays and will be waiting for future piece work!! :)

Kudos to everyone involved with the production! The amount of time everyone involved spent is insane to think about! Looking forward to watching future plays already!