Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beauty and the Beast

Whew! Been so busy!

Just got back from a Disneyland trip! Made it out for Dapper Day which was fantastic! It was so fun to dress up at the park! Such a great atmosphere! Riding the carousel at 7pm with all the other fantastically dressed attendees was utterly amazing!! Couldn't have asked for a better trip! Met so many friends that have now become family!

Coming home I already had a busy schedule lined up, but Angels on Stage gave me something to look forward to! It was fantastic! Their presentation of Beauty and the Beast bloew me away! The actors/actresses were wonderful and all the behind the scenes volunteer action blew me away! From the costumes, sets, and interaction with anyone it was an evening I won't forget anytime soon!

It was so neat seeing the chair I donated to them in the play as well. I'm honored to have been able to make something for such a worthy cause! Definitely going to be going to more Angels on Stage plays and will be waiting for future piece work!! :)

Kudos to everyone involved with the production! The amount of time everyone involved spent is insane to think about! Looking forward to watching future plays already! 

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