Monday, June 6, 2011

The Nightmare Before Graduation!

Here is an awesome project I finished as a graduation present for someone who likes The Nightmare Before Christmas as much as me! :) This is for a friends daughter and it started out when my Girlfriend bought her a bunch of Nightmare Before Christmas bows for her hair. All the bows needed a container, so the wheels started turning and I decided to make a toe pincher coffin jewelery box and further elaborated on the Nightmare theme with a hand painted  box to hold everything in. The box turned out to be almost a small trunk, lol! Needless to say her eyes lit up when I carried the box into the house and it was awesome seeing her reaction, and I know this will be a cherished gift that can't be purchased anywhere! :)

The size and cost of the jewlery box wasn't that much, so I'm thinking about making several more of them and seeing if I can sell them to my girfriend's friends who also have insane hair bow collections, although some of them may need full size coffins for all their bows, but I can do that too :)

The box and coffin were both made out of plywood and painted with acrylic craft paint. I used a paint marker to draw the swirls and it's a ton easier than trying to use a paint brush to draw the lines in my opinion! :) The skulls were also cut out of plywood. I made a Nightmare box likes this for my girlfriend last year for Christmas, and I am really digging them as a storage box. I think I'm going to make a set using different "wrapping paper" designs. Who says function can't look good :) 


  1. Damn man you're prolific. Seems you have a great creation once a month (and always different).

    What did you use to line the coffin with?

    Oh and to just use these boxes as storage is a shame.

  2. Thanks, Dave! I'm always looking to try something new, or making it a little different each time :) I wish I had something cool once a month I feel like I hardly get anything done! I'm sure you know how it is a million things you want to make and money, time, etc gets in the way! :)

    I used crushed velvet fabric I got at Joanne's to line the coffin with.I love going there because all the lovely elderly ladies that work there use to be very inquisitive, but stopped asking questions last time I bought the purple fabric because I said I was going to be lining a coffin. - End of story and inquisitive questions.. haha. I use inserts (whatever I have laying around, heavy cardboard, paper, sometimes balsa wood I get at Michael's) and the inserts allow the fabric to be streched over the front and the overlap on the back side gets glued without making the front all crusty.

    I haven't made a single tutorial yet to give back, so I think you've just inspired me to get one done. I got several questions on Halloween Forum about lining the box (I'm sure you know how to already :p)so I think it's time for a tutorial! I'm so grateful for all the stuff you have shared because I've used a ton of your ideas/methods/inspiration on stuff I have made.

    The boxes won't just be used for storage! They will be part of any Nightmare themed event and used for the better part of November and December for Christmas decorations too :) I just figured I had to find a "functional" use for them the rest of the year, and they work perfect in storing my Christmas decorations in :) I want to have an entire set under my tree this year, but we will see how that goes!

    Thanks for the kinds words,