Friday, April 20, 2012

Avast! Ye 'Olde sign hangeth on the wall!

Two weeks of feeling under the weather, so progress has been very very slow! Finally finished my plaque and while I am happy with it.. I wish I would have taken a little more time measuring, etc because I got glue happy and have a few small spacing mistakes! I measured Pirates out and centered it on the plaque, but I forgot to center the word caribbean, so it is too far to the left ! :( It is obvious if you look at the spacing of the red outline in regards to the letters. The other thing is I used black lacquer I had laying around to get a nice finish for the plaque, but it is the hardest product I've worked with... On my smaller coffins the finish comes out super smooth slick and uniform, but the plaque looks horrible when light hits it.. The sheen is not uniform at all.. Going to try and use some #0000 grade steel wool to hopefully remove the imperfections. I just wanted to get this project over with and while I am happy it is finally on the wall.. I wish I would have gone a little slower and done it right the first time!

I later added the dots around the outline of the letters to make it closer to the original.. Hard to see in the first picture! 

You can see the sheen from the finish.. On smaller items the black laquer is AMAZING, but to blend it on something this large was ridiculous. I got impatient and told myself that all the lettering would help hide it, but I was wrong.. lol 

I'm still super happy to have a sign come out pretty good. I knew of the flaws that would bother me and still went ahead anyway, so now I have to live with it.. Next time I won't start the next part of a project until I'm happy with everything.

Now onto more Alice stuff for the wedding... a victorian steamer trunk that will be my Fiancee's craft desk and *maybe* a boat shaped bookshelf! :)