Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Arrr! X marks the spot, Matey!

I designed a Code of Brethren book to house a bottle of Rum for a teacher I had enjoyed taking several English classes with, and it was a running joke throughout the semester that I was a pirate because of my Pirate of the Caribbean belt buckle! Any kind of project or paper, I'd try and throw in a couple of nautical terms just for laughs. I had been watching Pirates of the Caribean at Worlds End, and I loved the over sized "code" book, so I based my project loosely on that. I always liked the look of the cursed Aztec gold coins, so I cut one out of craft foam using several layers. I also was privy to an awesome tutorial that made this project possible! Creepy old book making, by Dave Lowe! I probably would not have tackled this project without remembering this awesome tutorial! I happened to pickup several fake books from Michaels, so I used that as the framework! I redesigned a Jack Daniels label and put a bottle inside the book because that happened to be my instructors drink of choice! The book also played music when it opened!

Here is a video of the finished book and part of my Final project. 

I also decided to add a little soundtrack to my Scary Terry bucky! Yo Ho Yo Ho! =)