Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hook, Hook.. show us the Hook!

Ok, so the title wasn't from the correct Captain Hook movie, but that's ok! After our wedding in December it is going to be my job to remodel our bathroom! Just so we can keep our love for all things Disney contained into a somewhat general theme we opted to start designing our master bathroom with some Peter Pan flair!

We are going to paint our walls with pink stripes to mimic period wallpaper and I believe wainscot the walls to give them a more Victorian look. I've been writing stuff down and I can't wait to see what we can come up with. I don't think the skull rock fountain replica leading down into our Jacuzzi will ever leave the drawing board, but it would be epic to turn our Jacuzzi into a 3d diorama of Never Never land!! Now that I have that off my chest I decided to make something a little more practical! For Halloween this year I was *shock* a Pirate and I grew a real mustache! I've become quite attached to it and have yet been awaken in the middle of the night to the sound of scissors in my ear! Speaking of scissors in my ear I really miss that in the Abraham Lincoln display at Disneyland.. I use to cringe every time that part happened! Now where was I.. right, I've grown quite fond of my mustache and who better to serve as an ambassador for all things mustachey than Captain Hook!

I decided I'd try an attempt at making an advertisement for Captain Hook's moustache wax (proper English spelling I believe!) I cut out Captain Hook and a backing for him and then it hit me that it would look awfully plain. I started thinking of characters and I really want to incorporate the Crocodile into the piece. That way I can call it Captain Hook's Crocodile Snot Moustache Wax:  Finest wax on the Seven Seas at second hand rates, or something to that effect!

Here is what I have so far:

Here are some progress shots and what I believe I want to add to the piece. I don't like the moustache wax scroll in Tick Tock's mouth, but I wanted to leave something there for refrence.. I may add a log with Crocodile Snot on it, or maybe an oversized Moustache comb propping his jaws open.. Who knows.. Still going to play around with it a bit before I glue anything down! If I can't get the Crocodile in it to my liking I may just leave that aspect out and keep it plain ole Captain Hook's Moustache Wax! Still not too sure about the faux wood grain either.. I found a ton of cool tutorials on painting realistic looking wood grain, but I wanted to give it the cartoon appearance! 

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