Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crocodile Snot, Tweedle Dum and some unseen Slaughtered Lamb pictures!

Muwahaha, I was able to sneak in some garage time this insanely hot Wednesday afternoon and I finished cutting out all the elements to my Crocodile Snot advertisement! Wish I would have thought about the crocodile when I originally came up with the idea, but in the end it looks decent enough! This is going to hang up in our master bathroom! Still have about six hours or so of painting left and it will be a wrap! I hate cutting letters out of wood, but for this project it really was worth the extra effort! I think I can cut them out faster than I can paint them, but drilling holes out of each of the O's, the D, and E and setting up the scroll saw is tedious!! Can't wait to finish painting and seal this project so it can be on the wall!!

Here is a picture of me with my moustache twin! I'll refrain from posting scary pictures until next Halloween! Haha!

I also got in about an hour of painting Tweedle Dum and then I am almost caught up with what I've started so far with my Alice projects! I have a million more things I want to make, but Alice is slowly taking over our living room, lol. Running out of space for new characters and I can't find myself stacking them in a pile in the corner because I have fun looking at them!

Click below to see the recently found Slaughtered Lamb Werewolf kit photos!

I made a Werewolf killing box for a friend with an in home movie theater by the same name awhile back and in my rush to finish I never took pictures of what was under the real silverware!! I never did get a finished shot, but I recently found this on my digital camera's memory card and I'm glad I have some pictures of some of the details I put underneath! The pentagram was on the wall of the pub (Slaughtered Lamb is the pub from American Werewolf in London) and I felt like it would be cool to somehow include in the silverware box! I think I was watching Indiana Jones and The Raiders of the Last Ark at the time I was making this and I've always loved the crate the Nazi's put the Ark of the Covenant in and how it looked like evil was dwelling inside and rotting the crate from the inside out, so I started playing with fire and burned some holes.. Still not sure if I like what I did.. If I can recall I believe I couldn't find a way to hide a seam or an overlap of the fabric, so I thought I could disguise it by aging it.. haha! Oh well. I also printed out some werewolf drawings on some aged paper and I believe I decorated the vials as well.

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