Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mad Hatter Sign Post progress..

Started painting the Mad Hatter sign today! Still need to add the text to all the sides, but I think I might make a stencil for that and save me some time! Still need to outline the hands, paint the white cuff links, but they are now painted on both sides in green and flesh tone! Going to fab up the post on Tuesday, so I can attach it to a base! 

Decided to paint in an assembly line fashion! Knocked out green on all sides and then the flesh tone! Definitely saved a lot of time. I was actually waiting for the sealer to dry on the larger Mad Hatter while I was painthing the sign.

I hate sealing projects. They never seem to work well for me! I'm using a satin Polycrilic and I tested in a small area before starting and everything was fine until I went over some of the darker areas and bam the black starts to bleed everywhere!! Sealing a project can make it or break it and it always seems to be the latter for me! :<( I changed my angle 100 times to make sure I brushed everything and it never fails that I miss an area, lol. Sometimes you can blend it in, but often the bottom layer ghosts under the next layer of sealer and it is plain as day if you know where they are at! As I said earlier this week the Mad Hatter should be fully operational on Tuesday! Can't wait to get his coffee arm animated!

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