Friday, June 8, 2012

The oysters were curious too...

Finished up my first Tweedle twin.. going to finish the other half next week! Knocked this out in half a day including the painting! Definately one of the easier characters to paint in regards to there only being  about ten colors.. The shoes are supposed to be black from all the screen captures I've gathered, but I was afraid it would loose its contrast against the black lines of the characters, so I just colored them in with almost a black cherry. If you also notice, I painted too much yellow on the left side of the shoulder! The bib should extend past the arm! I will fix that when I paint the other one! Sometimes I get too excited when trying to finish a project. 

Here is my better half standing next to the cutout for reference! Trying to get everything close to the scale they were in the movie, but I think I went overboard with the Mad Hatter and March Hare, so now everything is going to be enormous if I decide to make some larger characters like the Card Guards, Alice or Red Queen.

I had to buy a new jigsaw because my grandpas old school jigsaw uses blades that are probably no longer produced! The new jigsaws use a t or u shank and that style will not work with his trusty jigsaw. I bought this jigsaw when I started making the larger cutouts and I have been pleasantly suprised with it. I've cut all the characters out with a SINGLE blade! The Ryobi was one of the least expensive tools Home Depot had and I'd recommend it to anyone wanting to create wood cutouts like these! I'm using one of the finest blades offered, so the edges are cutting real nice. I'll get a model number and blade model number if anyone is interested. 

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