Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mad Hatter Sign.. progress!

Also worked on getting the center piece that is going to attach the arms and head together! I still need to construct or purchase the base of the sign, but I'm going to finish that next week, or the week after. Now I have a lot of painting to do. The center piece was turned on a lathe and is the first thing I have not created myself! My grandpa is a master when it comes to using the lathe and while I worked on my Captain Hook project he was gracious enough to glue and then turn ten plywood discs into this masterpiece! It is always fun when I get to see my Grandpa work his magic. Wednesdays are fun for me because I get to spend time hanging out with him and I get to make and create whatever I can come up with! Even if I think of something outside of my scope of knowledge, I can turn to him and he can always figure something out!