Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Captain Hook's Crocodile Snot Mustache Wax

Ahoy there!

I took the better part of the day and made some non wedding related decor for our future Peter Pan themed bathroom. Hopefully this piece makes the cut, or I can hide it somewhere else! :) I've become quite attached to the mustache I grew for my Pirate costume last Halloween and I have yet to cut it! I decided on mixing two of my current fascinations right now, Peter Pan and mustaches and creating something no one else has. Enter, Captain Hook's crocodile snot moustache wax! Captain Hook has the gnarliest moustache and I figured it should forever be adorned on my bathroom wall!

I cutout Captain Hook and the board behind him.. I wanted the piece behind him to look like deck planking as a background, so I am going to paint that and draw would grain on it as well. So far it is a little bare, so I started thinking about playing around with some more characters. The crocodile was one of my favorite characters in Peter Pan, so I decided to try and come up with something that had to do with the croc! I'm going to cutout a bust of the crocodile and add it somewhere.. Nothing is glued down yet, so I can still make changes. I'm not sure if I want to do a few more scrolls for Captain Hook's name, and another for the Crocodile snot.. just going to play around with it in Photoshop before I commit to anything!

I've gotten behind on all my Alice painting, so not sure when I am going to get this done, but it was relaxing to work on something different. It was also fun because I was getting to create something that is Peter Pan themed, but also has something to do with me too!

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