Saturday, January 1, 2011

Nightmare Before Christmas

My obsession for Halloween and the macabre are not limited to the month of October, but one month I usually refrain from decorating ghastly for is Christmas. This year was different because my Girlfriend is a huge fan of  a Nightmare Before Christmas! While I do not have too many Nightmare Before Christmas props (yet) I did make a few in the limited time I had to make her Christmas present. I made her a wood box that mimicked the Christmas/Halloween boxes as seen in the movie. I also made a few skeletons using clay and wood and a wooden cutout of Zero to put inside a Christmas wreath.

I pulled out as many Halloween decorations I had that I figured would fit and this is the setup she walked into on Christmas Eve. The full size skeleton has a Scary Terry servo in the skull, so the jaws move with the sound of music. I was playing the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack from Disneyland the entire night.

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