Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Bench!

Decided to make my Mom a special present for Christmas. This is one of very few projects I've done that does not have some sort of macabre background. I've been known to put skulls and crossbones on the back of our families Christmas cards when I was elected to make them on the computer.. I thought they were awesome and so did everyone else until they turned it over and there was a Halloween play on the Hallmark greeting card message on the back!

My mom has always loved snowmen and she has a vast selection of snowmen she's picked up over the years, so I decided this would be an excellent project that would let me dabble in painting, and it would serve as an awesome gift for an awesome mom!

The bench turned out better than I expected and it is a full usable bench! I had several relatives fighting over it and I'm kinda bummed I only made one because I would have kindly sold them the remaining benches to fund future projects, bah humbug! 

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