Friday, July 20, 2012

Centerpieces, painting, motors and I am now Google's b!+?h!

My other half started making the centerpieces for our big day! She used some terra cotta pots, wood dowels, some hula hoop looking material, styrofoam balls and moss to make minature rose trees! They look awesome! I am in charge of making two or three card guards per table and have it look like they were painting the roses red! Going to base the dimensions off of actual playing cards and cut the heads, arms and legs and possible a body out of plywood instead of scultping each one out of clay like I have before!

Progress on my Mad Hatter sign is going way too slow! Can't wait to finish this! It should look pretty neat once it is all done. I have a lot of work ahead of me in sanding/fixing some flaws, but I'm not going to over analyze because I'm probably going to be the only one who notices. 

I don't know why, but everything I've painted thus far I haven't painted the sides! I figured I'd just go after it later and paint the sides black because I wanted to add definition. I should have just primed the whole thing and painted the sides black before hand, but live and learn!! Not looking forward to touching up everything I've done so far.. Story of my life! 

The reason I am painting the sides now is because I need to seal everything before I attach whatever I am going to use as a stand! Thinking of using some hinges and maybe making a triangle like bracket that quick disconnects and stores flat for easy storage! I also got in two motors so some of these will be animated! So far the Mad Hatter, Broom Stick Dog and the Cheshire Cat were designed in separate pieces, so time and money permitting I could animate them! I have two motors and I think the props with the biggest impact will be the Mad Hatter and Broom Dog! Going to hopefully finish both this coming Tuesday! Can't wait. Seeing props come to life is always fun for me! 

Also snuck in some time painting more of my Captain Hook advertisement! I also just found out Captain Hook will be in the new season of Once Upon a Time!! Muwahaha! I don't really get into a lot of shows, but Walking Dead and Once Upon a Time are usually highlights of the night! 

 I also ran out of space on Picasa because I've reached over 1GB of pictures! AHH! I will now be paying $2.49 cents per month to keep all my images up! Not that anyone is paying attention! Haha!

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