Wednesday, March 27, 2013

2013 Snow White Haunt Facade Sign

Staring at my Alice in Wonderland wall, I had a crazy idea after gazing upon the restroom sign I made from foam that I could also re create the Snow White Scary Adventures sign. Ha. Not as easy as I thought. I wanted to protect the foam a bit better because if it is dropped it would get damaged, so I had the bright idea of bending wood around the frame to protect the foam. 1,000 kerf cuts and countless broken pieces I at least had wood bent around the curves. I should have spent more time dialing in the initial cutout until it was at least somewhat uniform because I spend a long time trying to fix it as I went because I was WAY off! The corner on the left side is no where near the shape I wanted, but oh well. Next time I won't be in a hurry to get jump in! It still looks nice, but after all the work I put in it I wish I had taken 30 minutes longer to map it out a bit better! Live and learn! The foamcoat I used to put a protective layer on the pink foam I used to paint the entire project with. That covered a lot of my mistakes, so it could have been worse! Haha!

You can see that the left side is no where near the radius of the right! I should have fixed that first. Next time I will use a compass instead of eyeballing it figuring I could fix it later. Not the case!!

This is going to hand above the staircase to my front door! I hopefully will enclose the entire porch recreating the scene with the witch dipping the apple into a cauldron! I want the outside of the house to somewhat resemble the facade. We will see!! I still need to paint the letters black and age it a bit, but I'm happy with it now. I used Foam Coat to protect the foam and I ended up painting the entire thing with the foam coat. It hardens almost like plaster. It also hid a lot of flaws! 


  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. It looks great, and you're doing things I can't even begin to fathom a thought of an idea to contemplate a notion of doing. Besides, it adds to a hand-hewn, authentic look. Seriously, it looks good, and I can't wait to see the entire place when it's done. Have you sketched anything out? Would love to see.

  2. Thanks, Jim! I always over analyze stuff.. I'm sure Halloween night people are not going to be commenting on how one corner is not the same.. oh well haha! I finished sketching a magic mirror prop.. I really want to take a scary terry talking skeleton servo and adapt that to a wood mask cutout I make where either the bottom jaw is seperate and moves, or I make the mask one piece and the lips move up and down on the front.. I need to work on sketching the outside!!!

    I'm going to use the huge D-Rings I used on the photo booth I made that hangs a full sheet of plywood.. I may do this to hang plywood off the front of the house to make it look like a castle exterior.. I hope so!! Haha!

  3. what do you use to cut out the letters in the foam?

    1. I use a Dremel with a plunge router attachment! Works decent in foam, but the tips always get clogged on the dremel with the foam that melts and gets bigger and bigger and bigger until it needs to be removed because it is taking out huge chunks at a time!

      Still looking for something to work better with the foam, but it works decent if you have patience!