Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mad as a March Hare!

Just finished my second plywood cutout the March Hare! Going to use these to decorate the hall on our big day, but also for the Bridal Shower! The theme is going to be a Mad Tea Party and that is all I can divulge because my Fiancee is one of a few faithful readers to my blog, haha!

I've been listening to anything Alice related old and new and watching the films over and over and I'm not getting tired of them.. Just keep getting ideas! :) Which may be a bad thing because I've been known to go overboard! Needed something a bit more adventurous to keep me up in the wee hours of the AM to finish the Hare in one sitting! No matter how hard I try I keep finding Disney relations with anything I'm doing.. Wish I lived closer to Disneyland! Can't wait to go! 

I also finished the rest of the Mad Hatters arm and I'm waiting for his motor to come in! I think I need to stop watching the Alice movies because I keep adding to the list of items I need to make! The Walrus and Carpenter did not have a big role, but I'd love to make the Walrus and have his arm animated bringing his cigar to his mouth! 

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