Sunday, October 7, 2012

Simply Impassible!

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." This quote struck a chord with me today because I went and started another humongous project with just a week before the bridal shower! We have been debating on a Photo Booth at the wedding, but the price is too prohibitive and we didn't really want to save money by having one of our friends take pictures all night, SO.. I starting browsing the endless realms known as Pintrest and found some DIY photo walls! I've been making everything dual purpose to use at the bridal shower and on our big day two months away so I figured I could try my hand at creating something that will work for both occasions. I immediately thought of a use for my Doorknob and he is going to fit well into this project! The bottom half of the wall is going to mimic the style and scene from the movie complete with brass rod and red curtains to hide the doorknob! The upper half is going to be "fabricated," but hopefully will not look out of place! I am not sure if I want to use fabric to cover the top half, or try and paint a scheme on.. I have no money and no time, so either solution is not good right now! Haha! I already have the frames and they are nothing special, but they do the job! To hide the seam from the top and the bottom I bought a piece of chair rail moulding that is going to make the project pop a little more! 

My trusty VW does it again! I am usually laid back and not in a rush, but I got stopped by no more than THREE separate people today while loading up my purchases to tell me their tales and adventures with their old VW's lol! I love hearing peoples attachments to old VW's because I love mine, but it was like the world was out to set out a colossal road block on me getting this project started!!


  1. Starting a new one...? Did you even get YOUR chair done? Oh well. You can sleep on your honeymoon. Oh wait... ;)

    1. Haha, yeah always starting a new one before finishing the other ten projects I have going! Hahaha.. I'm not going to sleep between ten days at Disneyland and other things! haha!