Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Flying Crank Ghost!

Since Halloween is going to be low key this year I am opting to keep my Pirates in the house! I was saving my flying crank ghost for next year and my Haunted Mansion theme, but I can't just not have a Halloween! Took less than ten minutes to hang from the ceiling and even though it does not meet my normal standards because you can clearly see the motor and linkage it does look neat at night!!

The unspoken eighth wonder of the world the BACKSIDE of a ghost! Ha.

Here is a short video!


  1. Cool... I haven't done any motorized or electronified gizmos before. (Say like Uncle Jed from Beverly Hillbillies)

    But this year I AM going to make the rocking chair on the front porch move. Hooray for windshield wiper motors!

  2. This was actually my first when I built it a few years ago! Captain Jack was my second.. Wipe motors do come in very handy! <- Was the authority on wiper motors when I needed help! haha! I'm sure you've stumbled across that site by now!

    I'm going to try and automate a lot more things over the next few years and get them working together. I want to make cannons that shoot fog, light up and make a noise! Too many things not enough time or money!