Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkins and Card Guards

Spent a few hours carving some pumpkins the other night and we decided to keep it Disney themed! Veronica carved Mickey and Minnie while I did the Hitch Hiking ghosts! Unfortunately our pumpkins rotted after only a single night!! That has never happened before, so this is the only pictures we will see of them :<( I was super bummed! We have two more pumpkins to carve, but after spending so much time and having them rot the next day we decided not to cut them!

To complete the centerpieces for the tables we decided on making card guards and using them for the table numbers! We have thirteen tables and one card guard each makes a total of 52! Wish we had planned it that way, but it just worked out! Hehe! Cut some spears out for the guards too... After cutting out all the letters for the Mad Hatter sign and having to cut 52 of these out and 104 shoes.. blah! Tedious, but that was the easy part! Painting them all is going to be the real challenge! 


  1. Dude! You've been busy! Everything looks great!

    I heard that a lot of people this year were disappointed with their pumpkins ... they just aren't lasting more than a day or two.

    Everything went well at my house this Halloween. I'm going to try to get pictures posted this weekend.

  2. Thanks, Jim! Your haunt turned out fantastic!!

    Yeah.. I was a bit bitter over the pumpkins. We ended up buying six and saved three to carve the next day, but we did not end up carving them due to the first three already starting to mold! After seeing some foam carved pumpkins I may do that next year and spend the time carving them once, but using them over and over!

    Easy part was cutting the cards out of wood! Hard part is painting them! BLEHH!!!!