Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Some rough sketches!

Here are some sketches for some of the props I am going to make for Halloween! Decided to put an effort this year into being somewhat organized and having an idea planned out before I decide to make a ton of stuff! 

This is the facade I want to make happen this year. I have a porch which will have the 3 Gothic arch windows that are going to  enclose the front of the porch. The castle bricked section above is going to hide the roof line. The steeple may just be plywood that hinges up and stays in place with a faux window. I'm planning on having the witches cauldron/laboratory set up in the enclosed area of the porch, so when you walk up the steps and look to the left you will see her dipping a poison apple up and down into the cauldron.

Not sure where I want the placement of this to go, but time/money permitting I really want this prop to happen. I want to use a scary terry audio board to drive a servo that will make the magic mirror talk. I can use either clips from the film at random, or hook it up to a microphone and entertain trick or treaters. The mirror would be a 2-way mirror, so it will show the reflection of the trick or treaters until it is lit from the back and the mask will appear. I believe the servo also will activate a light while speaking, so it should work perfect. I may end up putting this in front of my door on the porch at the top of the steps because it seems to be the only logical place for it.

The Scary Trees I was thinking of cutting out of plywood and having them off to the right side of the house blocking the rest of the house in between the porch and the Mine Shaft for the Dwarves! I want to cut out the eyes and put concave bowls behind them to make them look like they are appearing at you from all angles! Saw this on one of Dave Lowe's tutorials and it is also a trick the Haunted Mansion uses on their busts.

My carport will be the Mine Shaft and the slots in between the boarded up planks you will be able to appear in and see the Seven Dwarves mining! I will also make them out of plywood and animate a few of them using wiper motors. 

Concept of a mine cart. Not screen accurate, but this was just getting the juices flowing.

Another prop I want to make to set out on the sidewalk. A full size wishing well that uses a two way mirror, so the evil hag appears in the bottom and you can hear her evil laugh! I want you to be able to hear Snow White singing into the well and hearing her voice echo much like the film and then have red or green lights appear with the hags evil laugh and you see her on the bottom. May try and combine an endless well type prop with a scare. I really want to make this one happen as well.

Final painting of my Facade sign. Went over the letters in black and repainted it with the granite spray paint to better blend it! 

I also want to make the Evil Queen peering out of the curtains just like the steeple at Disneyland has, but I may put that in the bay windows near my kitchen. I haven't drawn that up yet, but I have my hands full with everything I've come up with thus far! Now I just need some supplies! Haha!


  1. Ambitious! Lots of pix and video, please. Would love to see this come together like you planned. (And will the missus be playing Snow White?)

    1. I'll try! :) I want to see it all come together too. Lately life keeps getting in the way! Haha! We were planning on her being Snow White and me being the Huntsman, but not sure at this point! So much to do. Haha! We've been lucky in the fact that we have been going to Disneyland almost once a month! Living six hours away that adds up quick in gas/hotels, but it is worth it.