Sunday, January 13, 2013

One bite, and all your dreams will come true.

It has been a hectic work month, so not a lot of progress on any projects, but I did get about ten hours a few Sundays ago to start my first Disney themed Ouija Board! Still need to shade in the Dwarfs and paint the apples once I find some time! Not even done with this one and I am already thinking about all the neat characters from Pinocchio! I made a resolution to myself this year to finish more projects before starting new ones! We will see how long that lasts! 

I also ordered a few molds from Kap Creations and I was more than pleasantly surprised with the quality of the molds! I saw the lion and I knew I wanted to try and cast something for our wall that is going to be devoted to the history of our last names which we picked up in the Heraldry shop in Disneyland! The lion will add just the right amount of prestigious flair to whatever I come up with! One can never have enough skulls either, so I went a little overboard! I do not have any experience with casting, so I may post some trial and error tutorials as I go! I also picked up a few crosses, so once I get around to making some more tombstones they look less flat! Thanks again, Keith!

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