Monday, January 21, 2013

Halloween 2013! Already?!

It is never too early to start planning for a haunt! At least not for me! After pretty much spending a year on our wedding props and enjoying the Disney aspect of it I am going to hold on to the Disney theme. I'm going to base our haunt on Walt's first feature length animation and use Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs as our theme. Going to convert the porch into hopefully the Evil Queen's mad laboratory complete with her stirring her cauldron and possibly an animated raven!

The driveway will be a mine shaft that the trick or treaters can peer into and they will see the Seven Dwarfs mining away! It will also act as a barrier to keep everything safe from the kids! I am going to cut the dwarfs out of plywood just like I did with our wedding props. I will animate a few of them as well.

Concepts drawings of a Mine Cart! May make a large one that looks like it has diamonds and gems and a smaller one to put candy in for the kids that are too scared of the Evil Queen on the porch. I have a ton of Burlap sacks left from our first pirate haunt and I may paint the poison apple logo onto them! The East India Trading Company ones were a hit! 

This one will be a major focal point! It is going to play someday my prince will come hopefully to lure kids over and when they look down the well all they will see is water! If they stare too long the Evil Queen is going to scare them! Hopefully will be able to use mirrors to make a well that looks like it goes on forever and a two way mirror on the bottom to have the Old Hag appear! Not sure if I want to try and duplicate the wishing well seen at Disneyland, or from the movie.. but at the moment this just looks a lot easier to do :)

Finally got around to finishing my Snow White Ouija board too! :) 

I still have to draw up a few concepts for the porch. I really want to make some siding for my porch to turn it into a castle like atmosphere, but it will depend on my budget, or lack of! I'm sure I can turn some of my skeletons into props around the porch hanging with chains and shackles just like the ride! The soundtrack from the movie will fit in perfect as well. I'm getting super excited! I also broke down and bought Snow White and Pinocchio on bluray off of and that set me back a mint, but it was worth it. Love both films.


  1. That's going to be awesome!Keep posting progress reports! I'm still undecided for a theme, but thought I'd do something to get the juices flowing, so I made a Vampire Hunting Kit (as a prize of some sort) and I bought a gas mask ... I know, but it's creepy looking, and I'm sure I can do something wicked with it. And I've started an eight foot reaper.

    1. Cool! I love my vampire kit although it is still unfinished! Still need to go back and decorate the vials I have! and a gas mask?! Can't wait to see what you come up with! Gas mask and your faux rust painting is screaming for some steam punk vampire related goodness!!

      You need to post pictures! Can't wait to see what you do! The detail in your stuff last year was amazing!!