Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wall of Ouija Boards!

Now that the wedding is over and I have some spare time, I'm going to get started on filling up my wall dedicated to Ouija boards I've made.. so far a whopping.. two! Continuing on my all things Disney year of props.. I decided what better than to make some Disney related Ouija boards! I figured I'd start with the first feature length animated film, Snow White! 

I'm thinking I'm going to attempt to cut around each of the dwarfs to give the board a non rectangular shape, but that means I'd have to cut out each leg hole to keep it consistent and I'm not sure if the scroll saw is going to be able to handle a piece this large! If not I will just square it up and paint some sky! I figured I was going to do this in black paint like the rest with just a red apple to make it stand out, but I may end painting the dwarfs in acrylics.. we shall see!

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