Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pirates 2011

Here are some pictures from Halloween night! Had a fun night with friends and family and the thirty or so trick or treaters we got! Kinda bummed about the turn out, but we were definitely the hit of the neighborhood! Had a fun time making everything and having the Fiance help with the arts and crafts was a fun treat! Here is to next year! I'll post some more on each of some of the props I got finished this year and I'm already looking forward to doing it again! =) 


  1. AMAZING!!!! You did an incredible pirate haunt! Well done! Will there be video?

  2. I did take some video, but my camera sucks at night time images/video! The video is really bad, lol. I pulled everything back in for fear of theft after everyone saw the skulls talking!

    Lucky they were out for 2 weeks and not a single thing was missing! Not even one of the 2,313 pieces of fake gold coins aimlessly thrown about around the porch and among each pirate!

    I'll upload video later, but it's terrible! Next year I want to invest in something that takes better night time video!

    I had a lot of fun this year! Got to carve pumpkins with family and that was a blast! Seems like I haven't carved pumpkins in a few years!