Thursday, September 6, 2012

Stencil mishap... and 88 wood letters later!

Bleh! I spent the better part of last night making a stencil, so I could easily knock out the Mad Hatter Post today, but I could not get the stencil to cooperate! BLEH! I painted about six sides and the picture above was the best of the bunch. I was not going to try and create another stencil if I couldn't get this one to work, so I gave up for the night.

I was going to go back to doing it the long way and paint each side by hand this morning, but I really did not want to do that, so I thought it would be easier to cut the letters out of wood, HA! Wrong! This is probably the worst idea I've had thus far, but in the end I think it adds a little extra pizzazz! The letters were
extremely time consuming and a general pain in the arse to work with, but I am glad it is all over with! I still need to paint about 64 letters, but I think I am going to try and complete an arm a day, so I don't get overwhelmed. 

My job was certainly made easier by using double sided tape on the MDF board, so I could cut out three letters at once. Still a whole lot of cutting, but I am so happy I had some tape laying around because this cut down production time immensely. I still spent the better part of the afternoon (almost four hours) cutting the letters out and I won't be doing anymore letters anytime soon! Gluing the letters onto the arm and seeing on the post made me realize all the tedious work was well worth it! I do like the font that the original sign is painted with, but Adamms is my favorite font, so I decided to use it because it is funky enough to work with the theme!

An army of letters! Five hours later because I had to sand the double sides tape of each individual piece, EVIL! 

Starting to come together!

I was planning on getting the base coat on my heart foam things done too, but I barely had time to glue them together! :<( I still have the task of sanding and filling in nooks and crannies with wood filler prior to using my Foam Coat to harden the project! Can't wait to see these done!


  1. Wow. Lots of time and effort, but it looks great. You must have a very good band saw, or a laser cutter! The letters look fantastic, especially the "M". Get some sleep, dude. Well done.

  2. Thanks, Jim! I Wish!! A laser cutter would have been a lifesaver!! I have access to my Grandpa's wood shop and he has both a band saw and a scroll saw and the letters were all cut with the scroll saw! The band saw is a lot faster and smoother, but the blade we have is too big for such intricate letters! The font is one of my favorites and I do like the "M's" too!

    What made it more workable is the MDF wood I bought.. never used the stuff, but I only broke *ONE* super fine blade all day on the scroll saw! I was impressed! Scroll saw blades are super inexpensive because they normally break a lot, but the material cuts really nice.