Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cheshire Restroom Sign

Finshed my Cheshire sign.. I only made this because I love the two in almost the same style located near the restrooms by Alice in Wonderland and right outside the line exit. I was playing around with the idea of having the sign say something else, but I figured 'Restrooms' would work! I can place it near the restroom entrance at the hall we are getting married at.

I used foamcoat to harden the sytrofoam because after all the work I did on several tombstones and my grail tablet they are fairly fragile. Foamcoat seems to be glorified plaster of paris and makes a protective shell as such. I then sprayed the entire thing with some Rustoleum textured rock paint, but I'm not 100% happy with how it turned out. The variation of colors they had to pick from wasn't the best and this was the lightest grey the had. I really did not want to paint a faux stone looking scheme because painting is my weak point, but I'm sure now it would have cost less and possibly looked better! Even after several coats of Foamcoat there were some areas that didn't get covered enough and spray paint lets you know that REAL FAST! I had some areas were the paint dissolved a large diameter and the foamcoat collapsed under its own weight! BLEH! I ended up pouring some modge podge in the areas that disenegrated and then sprayed over it when it was dry and all is well.

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