Friday, February 24, 2012

Coffin coffee table!

My Fiancee has been doing such a great job selling hair bows she has been making for friends, family, and fellow social networking acquaintances that it lit a fire under my @$$ to try and make something that I can eventually sell to also raise money for our wedding/honeymoon! The problem is the stuff I'm interested in making is unique and there may not be as big of a customer base, lol. All things aside I'm super proud of my Fiancee and finding her creative side and bringing in a bunch of extra income! I always told her how I want to make props and curiosities, etc and sell them for extra cash, but I never seem to put my stuff out there! I decided to change that and make a coffin coffee table that I'm going to try my hardest to find a prospective buyer. I've always wanted a coffin coffee table and have been interested in making one for a few years now, so once I finish this one and sell it I may end up making myself one too! I still need to stain it and add the glass top, but the majority of the project is done! I haven't priced out the glass top yet, but that will probably make or break my profit margin! Not sure how much people would pay for a killer table, but I really hope it is worth making a few more because it was fun!

Decided it would be a good time to take some fun pictures while I still have the coffin at my disposal! :)

This is my daily driven 1957 Volkswagen bug that also doubles as my truck, supply getter, prop hauler, etc!! :) I have loaded more objects onto the roof rack and rear rack than I probably should have over the years! From Christmas trees, a twenty foot canoe to full size coffins my car does it all!  


  1. The table looks fantastic.

    Your post brings back a few memories. I owned a '67 VW Bug for years and often took the passenger seat out to make room for hauling props and stuff in. I really miss that car.

  2. Thanks, Dave! :)

    I've owned several cars over the years, but the VW is the only one I am unwilling to part with! They truly are great cars! I wasn't really into the car scene while growing up, but my Grandparents bought me a 1973 vw bug for my first car, and I have been wrenching on them ever since! I have hauled an obscene amount of oddities over the years in my bug! A lot of people only use the roof rack for looks, but mine gets a ton of wear and tear! Glad I could bring back a few memories! :) I certainly know my VW has led to its fair share of adventures!

  3. I wish I added a roof rack to mine back then. I once tried to tie down 4x 8 sheets of thin luan bending to the curve of the roof. A half block block away they became a sail and snapped the ropes. There's nothing more surreal then seeing a storm of luan boards flying away behind you in the rear view mirror.

  4. Hahahahaha, Funny you should mention 4X8 sheets of lumber because that is the ONLY thing I will never attempt to do, AGAIN! ;) My next project is actually making a roof rack that is flat along the top, so I can carry 4X8 sheets of wood around! That has been on the make me list for some time.. I really want to get around to it because the coffin almost didn't make it home in one piece either!

    The racks come in super duper handy! It has been the most versatile car I've owned and it's the reason I'm a VW nut now. I want a VW truck so bad! The single cabs look like a bus up front and the sides of the truck fold down making a flat bed.. One of these days!!