Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cursed Jack Sparrow

I've been working on finishing up my Helmsman as of late and I decided to get a Jack Sparrow costume for the threads! I was going to rip up some old clothes and make the clothes look really ratty, but I figured I'd order a cheap Pirate costume and do the same thing to it instead! I've yet to stain the bucky, or the clothes, but I plan on doing so! I still need to work on the mustache because it is bothering me!!

Skull is using a Scary Terry designed servo and the Helm and Wheel were made by yours truly :) The wheel is turning using a monster guts wiper motor and power pack to control the speed! I currently have a picoVOLT coming in that will record a two minute routine that will make the movement not so monotonous!

I like everything about the project thus far, but I'm kinda disappointed over the quality of the costume. I was going to be really cheap and just by the bare bones Sparrow costume, but instead opted for the "Prestige" Jack Sparrow costume and it is pretty cheap! I'm not going to feel bad about aging it and cutting some holes, but for the price I'd never buy it again! It was manufactured by a company called Disguise.

I plan on making a treasure chest, some signs, and hopefully my next major project will be a couple of cannons that light up, make noise, and shoot fog all manually :)

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  1. It's much better than anything I've ever built. Good luck staining the bucky - I just got my first bucky for my birthday!