Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Cheshire Cat is finally.......alive!

This is one of the earliest projects I painted for our wedding (TEN DAYS LEFT, OMG!) and one of the last to get animated! I happened to find an unused wiper motor inside my coffin of supplies and figured I could finally animate the cat without spending a bunch! I sourced all the parts from within my supply cabinet/coffin and luckily the Frankenstein concoction payed off!

Still need to paint the edges and seal the entire thing, but for now I can sit back and admire my work! Not for too long.. Still have a bunch to finish! Feeling very much like Halloween right now! Haha!

My poor dog Dinah would bark and bark at the Cheshire, so much so that we had to hide it in the closet! She was barking because she thought it was alive! Now I finally gave her a reason to bark!

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