Wednesday, August 29, 2012

*Eat me* tags and two new signs!

Veronica and I decided to make eat me tags to adorn our wedding favors, so I designed these in photoshop and I was going to print them at home, but I figured it is cheaper having them printed on matte 4X6 pictures and we could cut them into pieces at a later time! I think all 200 + tags cost less than $10! That does not include the price of the grommets which I still have to find a cheap supplier of!

We are using the same idea for the wedding shower, but it has a slightly different back!

I need to stop looking at DaveLandWeb for inspiration ideas for Alice because it always leads me down the path to new creations! I forgot about two very similar styled signs at Disneyland and they look fantastic! I have had some 2 inch thick pink foam collecting dust in my storage shed for much too long, so I decided I could use it to try and recreate these pieces!  

I have a lot of working blending the pieces together and then painting them! I am going to cheat and cut the Cheshire Cat out of 1/4 inch MDF because it is much easier to get cleaner lines and I won't have to route the whole darn thing! I'm not really happy with the uneven lines around the border, but I'm hoping some patient sanding and wood filler will come to the rescue. I also chose this project because I bought some FOAM COAT about a year ago and have not had a chance to use it! I want to see if it actually hardens the styrofoam! 


  1. Awesomeness, as always. Are you going to keep/store all of this, or are some lucky guests going to get to keep some of it?

    (Just between you and me, that Alice ride at Disneyland always scared the begeebers out of me when I was kid.)

    1. Thanks, Jim! I don't know yet! Haha!! I've already made a Cheshire cat for our friends and some other people have been asking the same thing! I may try and sell them for some extra honeymoon funds, but I wouldn't mind holding onto the bulk of it although storage is running tight! If I can only keep one or two it will be the Broom Dog and the Mad Hatter because they move!

      I don't remember the Alice ride when I was little, but Pirates and the Matterhorn scared me so bad and I wouldn't get on Splash Mountain! Boy did I miss out!!